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Being a single mother, of two teen boys, has taught me the value of having a budget, setting goals and celebrating your accomplishments!

During my 40s I found a passion for “Power Lifting”, I trained and trained, and trained  for a few years.  With the help of a personal trainer I was able to compete, and Win!  This is me on the right – my trainer right by my side!  

I love helping others – by educating and solving issues.  Let me be your Personal Bookkeeping Trainer – we can do this together!

Accounting Services

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Records help to organize and manage finances, track patters over time, and can forecast a company’s financial future.  They can also be your best friend if you are ever investigated, by backing up your claims with solid proof.  You might ask yourself – if records are so important, WHY is it so difficult to do?

Here are just a few of the certifications and memberships I have (this list is not exclusive).

Quickbooks ProAdvisor

How we can help?

A.  Providing you with an easy way to track and store your data.

B.  Reconciling your bank statement monthly – when was the last time you have done that?

C.  Providing timely and accurate reporting so you can make informed decisions ab out your business.

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