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June – 5 Reasons Why. You need Managed IT Services

Hello to all of my followers!

I know last month I promised more focused on home stuff – BUT from now on just consider my posts unpredictable. LOL   I really just base my blogs on my own business needs. My focus this month was on boarding a new employee – and being that I am a small business – I am my own IT department. This is often times OK – but like most of my clients I am not an expert in all areas needing to run a business. For example when you provide your employees with a computer to use for the work – you want to make sure it’s Clean. I have no clue how to do that and would not want to mess anything up. That is when little things like that can cause big issues if not done properly.  I happen to “know a guy” that can help me.  He is a fun guy who is always interested in what I have going on!

Next Blog:  July I am going to focus on COMMUNICATION!  🙂


Today let me introduce you to Zen Piotrowski. He loves to help people with their Managed IT needs. Now what is Managed IT you might ask like I did. Managed IT – is exactly that – Zen says “We worry about IT, so you don’t have to”. Much like what I do with bookkeeping – he does for IT. Now me being a small business I was thinking well I will never be able to afford a managed service. I want to tell you that Zen does not just sign you up for a service plan and call it a day – they do have those, but he actually took the time to listen to my needs and will adapt to my needs as I grow. Here are a few services they offer: IT Support, Cloud Services, Network Management, Compliance (big one), Procurement (they will help you get the best computers for your needs).

One area that I wanted to focus on is the security of the data that I handle. I want to make sure that my clients financial data is taken care of. Yes, a lot of the programs I use have multiple security features, but one can never be too safe. This goes back to my first blog on Fraud. We need to be vigilant in safeguarding our information, and our clients as well.

For my business, Zen is that person to assist me. He is the President of CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South. Zen Piotrowski LinkedIn.  He can be found here or I have his site listed below.


Top 5 Reasons Why…


Without further Ado – here are my Top 5 Reasons why You need to have a Managed IT Service Provider:

1. Focus – I know a little about a lot of things. IT is one. I come from a Healthcare IT background, but honestly I would rather have someone else deal with it so I can focus on my bookkeeping.

2. Protection – There are so many apps and software’s that say they help protect you, but which ones are the best, which are industry recommended? Having your IT managed you will have expert advice on what is best for your needs.

3. 24/7 Help – Access to LOCAL help when you need it. YES I said local. The actual help desk is located in Cranberry, PA.

4. Education – Did you know that if you have special cyber security insurance that you have to have an action plan, and regularly demonstrate education to your staff?  CMIT also provides education on how to prevent hacking or attacks – They have a newsletter that provides weekly tips CMIT Solutions Pittsburgh, PA. I know I want to put my staff through “Phishing” training to see how secure they are.

5. Fixed BUDGET – this will make your bookkeeper happy! They can work with any budget. You know I had to add a bookkeeping reference. I have seen several clients with charges written off to fraud or to a cyber incident. Seeing that and knowing it could have been prevented – is why I wanted to introduce everyone to my hidden secret ZEN!

Check him out – if you need me to get you in touch I am happy to do that as well!


Have a Happy, Healthy and AWESOME – June!

SAVE your receipts!