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May – 5 Reasons Why… Travel Agent

Hello Bookkeeping Friends!

This month I wanted to touch on a subject of Travel for the monthly installment of “5 Reasons Why…”.

Those of you that know my background I have worked in the Healthcare IT – Consultant for 0ver 20 years now.  I have traveled from East to West, and North to South.  I have traveled a lot.  I have learned so many tricks over the years – but that is another blog.

Several of the agencies I have worked for either DO or DO NOT offer travel assistance.  In my experience the majority of companies allow you (the consultant) to book your own travel and pay for it yourself, and then get reimbursed.  You find very few that do all it for you.  There are days I love to do it myself – and days (flight issues) I wish I had someone to help me.

In the May newsletter you will see an introduction to Steve Heilman – he is a Travel Agent.  Steve is that person I wish I always had in my pocket when I traveled.  I hope that you all enjoy “5 Reasons Why” – I love sharing all of the information that I receive from others – Jill

MYTH BUSTED:  I used to believe that I had to pay the travel agent to book for me – WRONG – the company that they book you with pays them.

Did you know that your fee’s already include the commission the Travel Agent receives?  Your already paying for the service!

Bookkeeping Tip:  OK – Cool Jill – why do I care?  Do you know how many times I see expenses for service fee, or baggage fee for travel?  Why not save money at the same time – have Steve in your pocket incase you have flight issues?

So here is what you have all been waiting for – 5 Reason Why – you need to use a Travel Agent.

  1.  Best Prices – A Travel Agent will find the best deal.  This means finding the best prices and checking to make sure that those prices mean the best value for you.  Less extra fees!
  2. Travel Expertise – Travel Agents have been there and done that.  They can help you travel like a local.  The know and share all of those hidden gems in food, and entertainment!
  3. Industry Insiders – a Travel Agent is the FIRST to know about new offerings including:  Resorts, cruise ships, tours, flight updates.  They are the experts.
  4. HELP! – Help is a phone call away – ANY issues you have a real human you can reach out to – they will act on your behalf and solve your problems (travel related) :).
  5. MONEY Savings:  Not only can they save you money up front, but imagine all of the time they can save you.  Let them be the ones doing the research and spending time to plan everything!  (Money savings is my Favorite).

I hope that if you need to save some money on your travel – either business or personal – you will reach out to Steve.

Steven Heilman

(412) 912-9606

Where is the World is Steve?  First one to tell me where he is – will get a special Gift!